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City of Fairview Business Owners Survey

  1. Introductions and Objectives

    The City of Fairview has received funding as part of the American Rescue Plan Act’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program and is looking for ways to direct a portion of that money to aid the local community in its continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The first step in this process is to identify community needs in order to determine program necessity and spending priorities. To this end, the city is reaching out to see if there is a need for government assistance among the Fairview business community as part of this broader community outreach strategy. 

    We know that Oregon’s economy has reopened and that there are existing county, state, and federal programs available to help businesses. However, we also understand that for one reason or another those factors may not be sufficient to meet the scale or severity of need that developed over the course of the past year and a half. As such, we are reaching out to you in an attempt to determine where these gaps might exist and whether there is still need for local assistance among Fairview’s business community.  

    This survey is designed to determine these things by enquiring about your current financial situation, as well as your knowledge of and use of existing government programs. We offer no guarantee that a new Fairview Strong program will be developed—however, with your help we can decide how best to allocate our federal funding. Furthermore, regardless of whether or not Fairview does institute a business assistance program, we can provide information regarding existing aid programs that can help you recover from a challenging year and a half. 

    The following is a mix of yes or no questions, sections that allow you to expand upon your answers by rating existing assistance programs effectiveness, and comment boxes that provide you with the opportunity to expand upon your answers should you choose to do so. 

  2. Please submit by October 30, 2021.
  3. Questions
  4. 1. Are you currently in need of government assistance in order to make up for present or past lost revenue stemming from the pandemic?
  5. 3. What current business assistance programs are you aware of (select all that apply)? If you have utilized them, rate how helpful they were on a scale of 1 (not very helpful) to 4 (very helpful)?
  6. Federal Programs
  7. Rating Scale

    Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL)

  8. Rating Scale

    Restaurant Revitalization Fund

  9. Rating Scale

    Paycheck Protection Fund

  10. Rating Scale

    Other Federal Programs

  11. State Programs
  12. Rating Scale

    Business Oregon COVID-19 Grants

  13. Rating Scale

    Restaurant Revitalization Fund

  14. Rating Scale

    Commercial Rent Relief Program

  15. Rating Scale

    Other State Programs

  16. Local/County Programs
  17. Rating Scale

    City of Fairview COVID-19 Grants

  18. Rating Scale

    City of Fairview Utility Assistance Program

  19. Rating Scale

    Other Local/County Programs

  20. 5. Are you interested in learning more about existing business assistance programs or do you need help applying to these programs?
  21. Note:

    Survey responses will be kept strictly confidential – the only people who will be privy to identifying information are program supervisors who will use the survey responses to develop assistance programs and/or provide information and assistance to existing programs. Any public discussion of survey response will avoid reference to specific identifying information to protect respondents.

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