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Water Conservation
The Fall Season is Here - Commit to Conservation Year-Round
Fall Scenery, Colorful Trees
The days are becoming shorter, the nights colder and soon the rainy weather will be upon us. It's hard to think about conserving water in the Pacific Northwest, especially with our typically wet winters. But water conservation is something we can and should do year-round. Here are some water conservation and home maintenance tips to get your home and landscape ready for another fall and winter season;
Inside Your Home:
  • Locate water main and shutoff valve in case you need to shut it off in the event of an emergency.
  • Insulate exposed water pipes to help speed up the process for getting warm water to your faucet.
  • Look for leaks in all water pipes, drains, valves and toilets. Fix any leaks immediately.
  • Drain air conditioner pipes and if the air conditioner unit has a water shut-off valve, turn it off.
  • If you are planning to be away from home, leave the heat on and set to at least 55 degrees to help keep pipes from freezing.

Outside Your Home:
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Drain and disconnect all garden hoses from outside faucets, cover faucets to prevent water pipes from freezing.
  • Make sure automatic irrigation systems are turned off and water is drained from the system.

For Your Landscape:
  • Plant new lawn, trees, bushes and spring bulbs. Fall is the season to plant, you'll be able to establish your plants almost entirely with seasonal rainfall.
  • Water your lawn every 2 to 3 weeks if there is no rainfall, otherwise, let the rain do the watering for you.
  • Cover exposed soil surfaces with a layer of mulch or compost, this will help to retain water in the soil by reducing the amount of water that is lost through evaporation, prevent erosion and the invasion of weeds.
  • Remove the leaves from your lawn on a regular basis.