Street Trees

Street trees are an important component of city life. While it may seem that the primary benefit of trees is their beauty, they actually perform a number of other important roles.

A Street Tree Removal Permit (PDF) is required to plant or remove a street tree in the City of Fairview.

Sidewalk & Street Tree Maintenance Handbook

Trees make streets safer.

Trees reduce the speed of traffic, and lessen incidents of road rage. They also provide a protective barrier for pedestrians.

Trees Improve Urban Air.

Trees decrease levels of ozone and pollutants from tailpipe emissions. The closer trees are to the source of pollutants, the more effective they are.

Trees Regulate the Climate.

Trees shade buildings in the summer and can protect pedestrians from both rain and sun. They also reduce the impact of the urban heat island effect, where pavement absorbs energy from the sun and raises temperatures during both the day and night.

Trees Have an Economic Impact.

Trees raise the property values of neighboring homes, particularly as they mature. In addition, businesses on tree-lined streets show higher income streams.

Trees Perform Important Ecological Functions.

They provide habitat for native and migratory birds, as well as small animals. A mature tree will also reduce significantly the amount of rain that makes its way to storm water infrastructure.

Planting a street tree is a small change that can have big impact on your community.