Resolutions 2017 All Archives

53-2017 53-2017
Approve Multnomah County IGA RE: CDBG for 7th Street Sidewalk Project
52-2017 52-2017
Authorize City Administrator to Enter into a Personal Services Contract for Hydrogeologic Services
51-2017 51-2017
Appoint Members to Public Safety Advisory Committee
50-2017 50-2017
Appoint Members to Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
49-2017 49-2017
Appoint Members to Economic Development Advisory Committee
48-2017 48-2017
Appoint Member to Arts & Community Events Advisory Committee
47-2017 47-2017
Authorize Staff to Solicit Proposals for Progressive Design-Build Services for a New Public Works Shop Facility
46-2017 46-2017
Consent to Reappoint Mark Clark to the Port of Portland Citizen Noise Advisory Committee
45-2017 45-2017
Authorize City Administrator to Execute a Revised First Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreements to Cover the Allocation of Costs Associated with the Columbia River Levee System not Covered by IFA loans
44-2017 44-2017
Authorize use of Progressive Design Build Contracting Method for the Public Works Shop Buildings Project
43-2017 43-2017
Endorse an Application to the Department of Land Conservation and Development for Technical Assistance Funding
42-2017 42-2017
Adopt Multnomah County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
41-2017 41-2017
Appoint a Member to the Vision Action Plan Committee
40-2017 40-2017
Appoint a Member to the Arts & Community Events Advisory Committee
38-2017 38-2017
Appoint Member to Economic Development Advisory Committee
37-2017 37-2017
Adopt Main Streets on Halsey: Strategic Economic Action Plan and Authorize Entering into the Halsey Community Collaboration Compact
36-2017 36-2017
Approve Revised Engineering Job Classification and Descriptions
34-2017 34-2017
Authorize Purchase of Councilor Chairs
33-2017 33-2017
Appoint Members to Vision Action Plan Committee
32-2017 32-2017
Authorize Municipal Court Judge IGA with Troutdale
31-2017 31-2017
Appoint Members to Arts & Community Events Advisory Committee
30-2017 30-2017
Authorize Contact for Storm Water Modeling Project
29-2017 29-2017
Authorize Slurry Seal Project
28-2017 28-2017
Authorize Interlachen Sewer Pre-Design Contract
27-2017 27-2017
Authorize Salary Adjustment for Police Sergeants
26-2017 26-2017
Authorize City Administrator to Sign MCSO Consolidation IGA
25-2017 25-2017
Appoint Members to the Fairview/Wood Village Recreation Committee
24-2017 24-2017
Authorize Levee Ready Columbia IGA Additions
23-2017 23-2017
Authorize Fairview/Wood Village Recreation Program IGA
22-2017 22-2017
Create Recreation Program Fund
21-2017 21-2017
Adopt the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget, Making Appropriations, and Declaring the Ad Valorem Property Tax Rate to be Certified to the County Assessor
20-2017 20-2017
Declare the City of Fairview’s Election to Receive State Shared Revenues
19-2017 19-2017
Declare the City’s Qualifications to Receive State Shared Revenues
18-2017 18-2017
Authorize Budget Resolution Transfer for Fiscal Year 2016-17
17-2017 17-2017
Amend Fairview Community Center Security Deposit & Hours
16-2017 16-2017
Support Mt. Hood Community College General Obligation Bond Request to Voters in May 2017
15-2017 15-2017
Authorize the City Administrator to Negotiate an Intergovernmental Agreement with Wood Village for a Two Cities Recreation Program
14-2017 14-2017
Authorize a Supplemental Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17 to Fund the Two Cities Recreation Program and Complete the Parks Master Plan
13-2017 13-2017
Create Vision Action Plan Committee
12-2017 12-2017
Authorize Agreement for Well 9 Rehabilitation
11-2017 11-2017
Authorize IGA for Right-of-Way Services for the Fairview Segment of the “40 Mile Loop” Trail
10-2017 10-2017
Adopt Council Created Advisory Committee Work Plans FY2017-18
09-2017 09-2017
Appoint Planning Commission Members
08-2017 08-2017
Authorize Rockwood Water PUD Agreement
07-2017 07-2017
Adopt Fiscal Year 2017-2018 City Council Goals & Objectives
06-2017 06-2017
Adopt Mission Statement & Core Values (Repeal 10-2000)
05-2017 05-2017
Authorize Amendment of an IGA with Multnomah County for Police Services: Acting Police Chief
04-2017 04-2017
Appoint a Member to the Fairview Arts & Community Events Advisory Committee
03-2017 03-2017
Appoint a Member to the Fairview Budget Committee
02-2017 02-2017
Appoint Members to the Fairview Budget Committee
01-2017 01-2017
Update Employee Handbook: Whistleblower Provisions