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Commercial COVID-19 Relief Program

  1. The Fairview Commercial COVID-19 Relief Program is designed to be utilized by active businesses that have not received other compensation to fully recoup their loss of income due to the impacts of COVID-19. The "loss of income" under which the business is applying must have occurred between March 16, 2020 (the date the City declared an emergency) and the date of this application. For your convenience, a link to a simple worksheet that will assist in determining the business’ “loss of income” is provided. We encourage you to use this worksheet and retain a copy for your records.

    To be eligible for this program, the main commercial business location must be within the city of Fairview or in an unincorporated area of Multnomah County that is served by a Fairview commercial utility account. The business must also have a Fairview Business License. Apartment complexes, national corporations, and food processors are not eligible. Additionally, Home Occupation businesses may submit an application through the homeowner under the residential relief program, but will not be eligible under the commercial program.

    If approved, a credit of your actual utility bill of up to $1,000 (up to $250 per month for up to four months) will be applied to the main commercial utility account. Businesses who meet the above criteria but do not have a Fairview commercial utility account may be granted assistance via check to be used for rent relief. Assistance in this instance may be granted for a proportional share of the total Utility account credit that the business receives utility service under, as determined by the City. Additionally, businesses that typically receive the utility bill for an entire complex may be granted a credit for their proportional share of the total utility account, as determined by the City.

    If you need assistance completing the online application or need a paper application, please contact the City Recorder at 503-674-6224 or email

  2. How has COVID-19 affected your business financially?

    Please verify that your business has experienced a non-reimbursed loss in net income (between 3/16/2020 and the date of this application) of at least $1,000. If your non-reimbursed loss has been less than $1,000, please list a specific amount of non-reimbursed loss in net income due to COVID-19.

  3. Does your business have Fairview utility account?*

  4. Affidavit of Program Eligibility and Relief Use

  5. By entering your full name as a signature, you attest that you are authorized to apply for relief on behalf of the business listed above, that the business has not received benefits equal to, or in excess of, the loss of income due to COVID-19 and that all information provided is true to the best of your knowledge. You further attest that you have the documentation to support and verify your claim and will provide the information to the City upon request. Additionally, if you do not have a City of Fairview commercial utility account, you agree funds provided to you will be utilized for rent or lease relief for the location listed above.

    (Completing this application is not a guarantee of assistance. Assistance is based on qualification and available funds.)

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