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Welcome Back Wednesday

  1. Welcome Back Wednesday (PNG)

  2. How it Works

    The Welcome Back Wednesday campaign is a new initiative to promote local businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Fairview and Fairview Community Engagement Committee want to highlight small local businesses and let people know they are here, and they are open for business. The campaign is limited to local restaurants, small retail and personal care service businesses that have a store front in the City of Fairview.

    Up to two businesses will be highlighted each Wednesday. Participating businesses will get their business highlighted leading up to their scheduled Wednesday on the City website and social media platforms. The City will provide 10 coupons ($10) to each business, for the first 10 customers that visit those businesses. The business will submit the redeemed coupons to the City for reimbursement.

    Questions. Please contact the City Recorder at 503-674-6224 or

  3. Questions about your Business License? Contact the City Recorder at
    503-674-6224 or

  4. Has COVID-19 affected your businesses financially?

    Check those that apply.

  5. Affidavit of Program Eligibility and Relief Use

    By entering your full name as a signature, you attest that you are authorized to apply to participate in the Welcome Back Wednesday campaign. You agree to provide business information and graphics to the City for use in the campaign to highlight your business. The City will create the website and social media post from the information provided, and will schedule the Wednesday the business will be highlighted.

    The City will provide 10 coupons ($10 each) for the business to give to the first 10 customers that go to the business. The coupons will only be valid for the scheduled Wednesday. The City will reimburse the business for redeemed coupons submitted to the City. The business will have to provide a W-9 to be reimbursed.

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