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Welcome Back Wednesday Questionnaire

  1. Welcome Back Wednesday (PNG)

  2. You've Been Approved - Now What

    Your business has been approved to participate in the Welcome Back Wednesday campaign - now what?
    1. Complete the questionnaire.*
    2. Upload business logo and pics.*
    3. Approve the City created post.
    4. The City will schedule and notify you of the Wednesday your business will participate.
    5. Prior to the Wednesday, a Community Engagement Committee ambassador will deliver coupons and information.
    6. Submit redeemed coupons with a W9 to the City of Fairview for reimbursement.

    *Information will be used by the City to create a Welcome Back Wednesday post about your business for the City website and social media platforms.

  3. Contact Information

    This information will not be published. Will only be used by the City for questions and communication.

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  8. Please upload in a format suitable for digital media i.e. PNG.

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  10. Program Conditions

    By entering your full name as a signature, you attest that you are authorized to provide this information to the City of Fairview for the purposes of City staff to create a website and social media post to be posted on City of Fairview media formats. You will be given an opportunity to approve the post prior to it being published.

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